What is Flextand?

Flextand is flexible, portable, furniture for mobile devices in the modern home, office and beyond. Flextand comes in a wide variety for configurations and heights, so there is a Flextand for whatever life throws your way.

What are some of Flextand's uses?

Flextand was designed to be adaptable and functional in a variety of situations. Some of the main uses are in home and office settings from cooking and studio work, to reading and entertainment.  

Can I take Flextand with me?

Absolutely. Flextand was made with travel in mind. It is lightweight, able to be broken down in seconds, and comes with an optional carrying case to accommodate Flextand and your mobile devices.

How do I know which Flextand is right for me?

Usually, your choice of Flextand will be based on the type of device you have (phone, tablet, laptop) and where and when you use that device. You can always get more than one or try one of our bundles.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do.

More Questions?