A unique combination of art, furniture and technology, Flextand® is a patent-pending, ergonomic flexible stand that supports a variety of electronic devices in the home, office and beyond.  Flextand® was designed to be lightweight, versatile and quickly assembled for mobility.  It provides a convenient, stylish support surface almost anywhere imaginable.  

Adjustable both vertically and horizontally, Flextand® features a unique industrial strength flexible arm that maintains resiliency while supporting phones, tablets and heavier weights like laptops at the perfect angle.  Whether your mobile device is in its case or not there’s a Flextand® option for you.  



Accommodates many different devices


Compact, lightweight and quickly assembles


Hands-free reduces body strain and stress


Industrial strength supports heavier loads


Multiple positions and orientations


Increases efficiency and focus while working


Minimalist contemporary design



Flextand® is designed and developed by INVENTIK, a Miami based industrial design firm founded by Jon Paul.  Mr. Paul is an avid entrepreneur, inventor, designer and craftsman with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida. He’s held engineering and design positions at Universal Studios & the Dept. of Defense and has worked at various technology startups in both the San Francisco and Miami Design Districts.  

Jon Paul's passion for international travel has kept him at the forefront of the latest architecture, interior design and mobile technology trends.  These combined experiences inspire INVENTIK to develop versatile and innovative products that are aesthetically sleek and simple. The result are products that strive to balance technology and compliment the modern home, office and todays active mobile lifestyles.